November 3, 2005

Stay up to date with this blog

To make sure you don't miss a post, you can bookmark the site and come back to it regularly, or a simple way to have it delivered to you is to sign up for a site feed. (Technophobes out there, have no fear -- this is actually pretty simple.)

RSS is a Web syndication format that stands for "really simple syndication." And it is. Basically, what it means is that the blog pages (or news pages or whatever) you want to read are delivered to you so that you don't have to go looking for them.

There are software programs you can download (like NetNewsWire for the Mac or FeedDemon for Windows), but there are also plenty of free Web-based readers as well, like BlogLines, or the new Google Reader (which is still in beta).

Once you sign up for one of these, simply click on the RSS feed link, or copy and paste this link into your reader:


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