November 4, 2005

What's a blook? And how will it work?

A blook is a book that's released first in a blog before it's printed. (Can you say that three times fast??)

Most of the blooks that I've seen are books the author's already finished that are released on a set schedule online before their publication date. This one's a little bit different, in that I'm still very much in the writing process.

I plan to release 2-3 posts a week, which will be short sections of the book. They will be polished, but not in final form. I'm continuing to research and everything will go through 2-3 more rounds of editing before it's ready to print (I love to edit... and I hate to turn things in for the final-printed-version before I feel like they're as good as they can be).

I expect it to take 6 months or so to get the rough draft online. After that, I expect to put in 3-6 more months finalizing the research and the editing. If I self-publish, the book could be out shortly after that. If I get a contract with a publishing house, it might take longer (but on the other hand, I might be able to commit more time to it, so it might not).

I wanted to go ahead and put pieces of the book out to connect with people, to start to build an audience, to get feedback about whether or not this idea actually works. (Let me know what you think!) It could be spectacular. (I'm leaning that direction. ;-) It could be a complete train wreck. Either way, it will be an adventure.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the appetizers and look forward to reading future installments of this work in progress.

I hope you will draw overtly the parallels and the differences between the expereinces of the single woman writer (Austen) and the contemporary single woman writer. As it is said, the more things change the more they stay same.

11/13/2005 12:03:00 AM  

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