February 22, 2006

33: Punting

Thursday afternoon I went punting with a huge group from Wycliffe. Jesse gave up his excellent spot in a boat so that five of us girls could go together. We hung out in the gorgeous sun eating strawberries (or straw-bries if you’re going to say it the British way) and cream, each of us taking turns to try to not tip the boat over, and managing to go further than anyone else. It was all lovely.

Stacey wanted to know how long Jack and I had been dating, and kept going on about our obvious connection, and how great that God would bring us together like this. I tried to change the subject, to give her a quick, “We just met, actually, and we’re just hanging out.” But she was resolute. So I endured (and not entirely without enjoying them) a series of wouldn’t-it-be-wonderfuls and speculations on her part about what exactly God was doing and how everything would work out amazingly.

We ran back and took showers and rushed to a little Italian place to meet the gang for dinner. Jack saved me a seat. And that seemed to be the end of our trying to avoid each other.


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