February 2, 2006


It's been a quiet week here on the blog, but there's been lots going on behind the scenes.

The big news here is that I'm officially working with a real, bonafide agent (!) who's enthusiastic about the project. I'm stunned, and feeling a bit floaty.

I can't tell you what it's like to go from working on a huge project like this on your own, wondering if it really does have potential, to having someone join you and believe in it with you. Someone who knows the publishing industry and thinks it's worth pitching--thinks it's sell-able. (Not that my faithful blog readers aren't great, but I have a suspicion that most of you are on my short list of close friends and you're sort of required to like it. ;-)

I'll be editing, writing, and reworking over the next several weeks to get things market-ready. I'm hoping to get back to posting regularly in the next week or so, but things may be a bit sporadic.

In other news, my chronic fatigue is back in force, which is so incredibly frustrating. I'm running a fever. I've had a string of days when taking a shower and actually washing my hair seems to use most of my available energy. It makes me a little crazy (some days, more than a little). I keep hoping that tomorrow will be better. And maybe it will.


Anonymous Miriam said...

au contraire about feeling obligated to read the blog---it is facinating and I check several times a day for new posts!

I am so happy for you over this new publishing development, it's great news.

2/03/2006 07:46:00 AM  

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