March 10, 2006

And now back to the matter at hand...

It's been quiet here over the last week. Last week I was so focused on getting the first section of the book edited for the proposal that I put everything else on hold, and this week I was playing catch-up (rather unsuccessfully).

But as you know, this book is not really about Jack. It's about Jane. And me.

Things went up on the blog in first-draft form, and rather segregated. First stuff about Jane, then about me, then the Jack story. In the book, they'll be much more closely tied together.

I've got the first section edited to include in the proposal (roughly 17,000 words!) and I'm hoping to be able to put it up here as a short little e-book for anyone who would like to read it. And for anyone who's just stumbled upon the blog and would like to read something that's actually formatted for reading rather than having to page backward through months' worth of blog entries.

People have emailed me from time to time to say 'I can't wait to find out what happens with you and Jack!' I have to say, I'm sorry, but... prepare to wait.

Because where we are in the story, I'm headed off for the Hampshire countryside, for the monastery. (I think of all the places I went on the trip, I miss this most. If I could go anywhere right now, I would go to Alton Abbey. I would like to pray with the monks, and sit in the rose garden.)

If that seems difficult, you can imagine how I felt on the trip--headed off for three weeks with a terrible mixture of certainty and uncertainty. But this is the drama of ordinary life.

So, next week, hoping to start posting again, continuing the journey in Hampshire.

Thanks for reading!


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