March 14, 2006

Pics of Bath

I've posted pictures of Bath on the Squidoo lens. I'm not sure I like the way the Flickr system works--you have to make your pictures public, or viewable by everyone who goes to the Flickr site, in order to put them on your lens. Anyway, I may post the rest of them here.

In other news, I finished editing the proposal. Crack open the Girl Scout cookies! Hoping that will be on its way to publishers in the near future. (It's very cool and a tiny bit scary, actually, that this could become a real book. I can remember when my first book came out, for the first week or so I panicked, thinking that I didn't want anyone at all to read it. I'm pretty sure that will happen this time, too.)

And in completely unrelated news, there seems to be a family of mice in my house. I can't abide the thought of killing them, but they seem very uninterested in the sweet humane catch-and-release traps with peanut butter inside. Last night one scooted right around the trap to go behind the TV when I was sitting RIGHT THERE painting my nails. The nerve! On Saturday, my roommate and I were talking and watching BraveHeart (who can resist Mel Gibson in a kilt?) when one got stuck in a glue trap. This is when our newfound animal rights activism kicked in. It was so terribly inhumane to listen to him squealing and struggling to get free. To think, you're just supposed to let them struggle there until they die of a heart attack?? Impossible. We started to root for the little guy after about two seconds. We took the trap outside and doused him in olive oil, and he jumped away leaving little oily footprints behind.


Blogger Kristine said...

Oh, you just haven't had mice long enough. Wait until they keep you up all night with their scratching behind walls, making you get out of bed repeatedly to bang on the wall and make them temporarily stop until you finally "sleep" with the light on all night. There will be no more PETA activism at your house after that. War will be declared! I speak from obvious experience. :) They haven't dared set tiny foot in my house since.

3/14/2006 04:29:00 PM  

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