December 7, 2006


I had no intention of waiting a month to post again. First there was a horrible I-was-only-capable-of-sitting-on-the-couch-and-moaning cold. Then there was the manuscript to finish. And then Thanksgiving, which plumb wore me out.

I'm thrilled the manuscript is in. I don't think I've been able to properly celebrate, but the morning I turned it in I was in North Carolina with my parents, at the beach. We got doughnuts from The Orange Blossom in Buxton, which are the best in all of creation. They make me ridiculously happy. And then I sat on the beach for an hour in the sun, just thinking about the journey of this book. A year ago I only had a draft proposal, and today--in spite of all the sickness and darkness of this year--I have a manuscript. I'm very thankful.

I have declared December the month of bubbly juice (because I am still forbidden real bubbly ) and flowers. So far, I have tried apple, cranberry and blueberry. I'm looking for pear. And Trader Joe's may have pomegranate.


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