October 2, 2006

Don't get me started...

Forgive me for the diversion from Austen, but today I'm compelled to write about the state of health care. (Hear me out. It's not quite as boring as it sounds.) I spent $556 last week filling two prescriptions, and I only filled the two that I really needed. There are four more to be filled in the next month.

My cobra coverage ran out, because it's been 18 months since I left my job. I thought I had another plan lined up, through a large association for the self-employed. I met with someone, he explained the details of the plan, I applied and waited the thirty days to hear what they said. Only, at the end of that time, I discovered not only that they had rejected me, but also that the sales guy had been far from honest. Ugh. It's a long story, and I could fight the decision, but the whole thing left me with a very bad taste in my mouth, so I decided to go elsewhere, and now I am uncovered and waiting another 30 days to get a response from another company.

All told, it seems that my health care costs are going to be somewhere between $850 and $1200 a month. I have been in a state of sheer panic. While I'm solvent at the moment, I just really don't know where all this money is going to come from. It's devastating, and there's nothing I can do about it.

It's the blasted Lyme disease. And the way our ridiculous system is set up, so that if you have a job you are guaranteed covereage and if you are self-employed--well, I am still guaranteed coverage under HIPAA laws, but it seems there's really no limit to what they can charge me.

Really, the best way for someone who's single and self-employed to get decent health care in this country is to get married. It's a travesty.


Blogger S & B In Asia said...

I feel your insurance pain. I miss where we lived a few months ago. Socilaized health care was wonderful. It didn't cost us an arm or leg for all K's surgeries.

I try not to think about this too much or I will get real angry. K was denied insurance from 3 agencies.

10/06/2006 01:34:00 AM  

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