March 16, 2006

Pics from Steventon hike

Here's a series of pics that go along with the article I posted yesterday.

St. Nicholas church in Steventon -- where Jane's father was rector. The yew tree to the left is where they used to hide the church key. It was such a gorgeous day...

Can you spot the copse of trees? ;-)

The lazy cows. Anyone know what kind they are?

A typical stile...

Here's one example of a trail marker. This one was pretty tricky--it was hidden behind trees, and I was coming from the opposite direction.

Lovely Ashe House (now a private home), where Jane's friend and mentor Anne Lefroy lived.

The quiet lane Ashe House is on.

Ashe churchyard

One of the Lefroy graves--I think this may be Anne's.

I loved this guy!

Summer wheat--and help "aiming left"

Deane manor house where Jane's friends the Harwoods lived. Jane attended dances here.

Inside Steventon church

A detail of some of the amazing painting on the church walls.

Me in the archway of St. Nicholas (also the pic I'm using for the blog bio)

Phil & Sue Howe of Hidden Britain Tours. They rescued me in Deane and made sure I got into the Steventon church. For anyone out there who doesn't feel like trekking through the countryside, they've recently set up a tour highlighting all the Austen sites in Hampshire. I highly recommend them!


Blogger Kristine said...

Amazing photos, Lori! Good job. I hope the book has pics in it.

3/16/2006 02:28:00 PM  

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